Thermo-Guard™ Cold Weather Survival Kit

Item No. 04704K – Packaged in a heavy duty clear plastic bag with top drawstring.

Emergency Blanket
1 Each: Size – 51"x 79.5"(139 cm x 220 cm). Aluminized polyester, lightweight, wind proof, waterproof. Reflects 80% of body heat for warmth.
Navy Blue Fleece Winter Liner with Face Mask
1 Each: Inside channels (pockets) allow activated heat backs to be placed around ears and base of neck. Facemask is designed to protect nose, cheeks and mouth area from cold when attached to the hood.
Adhesive Body Warmer
1 Each: 3"x 5"pad for temporary relief of arthritis pain, backaches, painful joints, overextension, sore muscles and chills. Sticks to inside of coat or jacket. Temperature range 125°F - 154°F (53°C - 68°C). Lasts up to 12 hours
Toe Warmers with Adhesive
1 Pair: Size 2"x 3". Sticks to outside bottom of sock. Thin and comfortable. Clean, odorless, dry and non-toxic. Average temperature 100°F - 107°F. Lasts for 6 hours +.
Heat Paks
6 Each: Size 2"x 3". To be used in Winter Liner Hood. Temperature range 130°F - 140°F. Lasts up to 10 hours.