Thermo-Guard™ HEADBAND

These Headbands stand head and shoulders" above the rest. Used as a regular sweatband, the Thermo-Guard™ Three-In-One Headband is superior. Hydrate in water and it is a cooling Headband. Add water and refrigerate and you have ultimate cooling not found in other headbands.

(Shown Right) Stars and Stripes
Royal Blue Royal Blue (standard) 02108R
Teal Teal (standard) 02108T
Bones and Barbwire Bones and Barbwire
Flames Flames
Canada Canadian Flags
Mexican Flags Mexican Flags
Mossyoak® Mossyoak® Camo
Fire Resistant Navy Blue Navy Blue
Stars and Stripes Stars and Stripes
Bandana Black Bandana Blue Bandana Red Bandana (Black, Blue, Red)
Navy Blue Flame Resistant Navy Blue

Thermo-guard™; HEADBAND