Guard-Line, Inc., Atlanta, Texas and Thermo-Cool Products, Inc., Bismarck, North Dakota, announce the formation of Thermo-Guard, LTD., owned jointly by the principals of Guard-Line, Inc., and Thermo-Cool Products, Inc. Thermo-Guard is based at Guard-Line's headquarters in Atlanta, Texas.

Thermo-Guard will handle all manufacturing and marketing of Thermo-Cool's Industrial Lines of Cooling and Heating Products previously sold under the Thermo-Cool® and Thermo-Heat™ trade names for providing personal cooling and providing relief from heat stress.

Guard-Line has been a leader for more than 45 years in the Manufacturing of Industrial Safety Products for Hand and Body Protection. You can contact Guard-Line at, call 1-800-527-8822 or send a fax to 903.796.7262.

Thermo-Cool Products, Inc. developed the Thermo-Cool fabric for the U.S. Troops suffering from heat stress during the Persian Gulf War in the early 1990's. Thermo-Cool took their proprietary fabric and developed it into specifically designed industrial products that would cool the body's major pulse point areas.